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This historical writing competition is open to high school students (grades 9-12) from:  Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma Counties and the RE-10J Briggsdale, RE-11J New Raymer, and Pawnee RE-12 Grover school districts in Weld County.                                          


All aspects of the contest will be managed by the History Contest Committee, which shall be comprised of at least three community members. Art or  History Contest Judges will include three individuals from northeast Colorado with expertise in their field  Art or History Contest Judges may not concurrently serve as members of the History Contest Committee.


Participation in the History Contest requires that students submit a written thesis on local history as specified in the contest rules below.  Thesis topics are limited to an individual, group of individuals or event affecting and occurring within the geographical area of Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma Counties in northeast Colorado.  A teacher(s) at each school will serve as sponsor(s) to review all entries and select the top ten.  No more than ten entries per school may be submitted to the History Contest, and no more than ten cover designs to the Art Contest. Home schooled students are also eligible for either or both contests but must submit their entries to the History Contest Committee two weeks in advance of the entry deadline.  The top ten home-schooled student entries in each competition will be selected by this committee for submission to the History Contest Judges.        


All entries submitted for final judging will be included in a bound book.  Copies of this book will be given to each entrant, their school library and the following museums:  Sterling Overland Trail, Wray,  Ft. Morgan, Julesburg and Greeley where it will become a part of their research archives.


In May of each year, all contest participants and their teacher sponsor(s) will be invited to attend an award luncheon followed by a tour of the Overland Trail Museum.  The winner of the Nell Propst Northeast Colorado History Competition and the winner of the Art competition will be announced at the luncheon. The Essay Contest winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship to be used at the college of their choice. Runner-up student will receive a $1,000 scholarship.  In addition, the sponsoring faculty member(s) will be presented a $1,000 grant and the runner-up a $500 grant that may be used to fund class field trips or purchase classroom equipment and/or supplies.  The Art Contest winner will receive a $1000.00 scholarship and the sponsoring faculty member $500.00.


Contest Rules:


1.      Preparation Requirements:  The text of each submission to the History Contest must be no less than 1,500 words and no more than 2,500 words, where each word or number counts as one word.  Papers must be computer printed on white 8.5’’ x 11’’ plain paper with 1’’ margins on all sides.  Pages should be printed on one side only, numbered consecutively and double spaced using 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.  Papers must be stapled in the top left-hand corner and should not be enclosed in any cover or binder.  All papers must be grammatically correct and well written.


2.      Citations:  Footnotes, endnotes and internal documentation are required.  Citations are used to credit the sources of specific information as well as direct quotations.  Citations should be listed on a separate page(s) using a format listed in Chicago Manual of Style.


3.      Submission Requirements:  Each eligible school (including total homeschooled student entries) may have no more than two entries in the History Contest.  Each student entering the competition must submit one hard copies and an electronic copy (*.doc, *.docx) of his/her paper by the entry deadline, March 1 (of the current school year).


4.      Selection of the Winning Entry:  All entries become the property of the History Contest Committee and will not be returned.  Proceeds (after expenses) from the sale of the bound book, created from winning entries, will be used for future funding of the Nell Propst Northeast Colorado History Contest.  All decisions of the History Contest Judges are final and not subject to review


Essays need to be submitted using a .doc or .docx format. We are not able to convert files from pdf or text formats at this time. Thank you!  
























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