Below are some helpful reminders that will not only ensure the student turns in their best work, but it also helps the contest coordinators and judges to give everyone a fair chance!
It is ok to start working on your art piece or essay NOW! Don't make yourself feel rushed! You can start researching and thinking of what you want to include in your work for next year's book as soon as you are done with this year's submission! Be sure to read through the below hints as we have updated some items.
Check the Rules pages for ENTRY SPECIFIC RULES 
If you have bookmarked, be sure to update it each year in case there are any changes to the website. 

The 2021-2022 Year Book t​itle will read as follows:
Volume XIII: A Short History of Northeastern Colorado
(As Seen Through the Eyes of Our High School Scholars)
The Nell Propst Northeastern Colorado Local History Contest
These words MUST appear on the final copy of your contest entry. The judges are looking at entries that can incorporate the title of the book neatly, and easy to read. The title can lay over the actual image you are submitting, but please make sure the artwork and wording flow together. This is something big the judges will consider. If you are chosen as the winning entry, your colored photo is the face of the printed book featuring all submissions.
Please do NOT include any other wording on your art piece! Student/Sponsor/School names should not be included. Your art piece can possibly be the cover of a book!
​PLEASE make sure you are submitting your files as a .jpeg. At this time we do not have the software to convert files from pdf, word, or text formats. Thank you!
Here are some things to be aware of while writing your papers.
First and foremost: CHECK YOUR SPELLING and SITE YOUR SOURCES!!! We do not change anything contained in your essay entry once it is submitted. Your spelling errors will not be fixed and if there is any type of plagiarism your essay will be automatically disqualified! Please realize this means that even though you may site a textbook or author correctly, cutting and pasting does not show you have done your own research. Make this paper your own!
The only thing that may look different is the font and size of your submission so that the book is formatted correctly. We will make all submissions uniform as best as possible and will create a title page for each entry. Other than that, what you write and send is what goes in the book and will be judged. Entries have lost the top prize due to spelling errors that should have been easy to catch. Have AT LEAST one person proofread your submission before you send in your final draft.
Second, take a look at past books (they should be available in your school library!) to see what other students have written about. Remember that you can choose from a person, place, or event that has taken place in/from Northeasten Colorado.
Thirdly, use your resources! The Overland Trail Museum in Sterling is available for students who wish to come and do research for your essay. If you know who/what you will be writing about, call ahead and ask to speak to Kay, she will be more than happy to get you any information that is available from the museum, and you can set up a time to come in and get started. If you mention you are coming in to do research for the contest, there is NO CHARGE to get into the museum!
Please make sure to submit your essays in either .doc or .docx format. At this time we do not have the software to convert files from pdf or text formats. Thank you!
For ALL students who are interested in entering the contest:
We are here to help you succeed! You are what keeps this contest alive and we hope you enjoy learning a little more about our corner of this beautiful state! Don't wait until the last minute to get everything turned in! We have deadlines, but will gladly accept entries earlier than the cutoff.
When submitting your final entries make sure you, your teacher sponsor, AND your Principal sign an application form and release. Your teacher sponsor can be ANY teacher in your school. This allows us to publish your work in the final copy of the book. This signed copy MUST be with your submission or your entry cannot be judged! It can be in .jpeg form but please make sure scans are clear and readable. Your original, signed application MUST be postmarked by Febraury 15 if homeschooled or March 1 if you are a public school student! 
We ask that you give us a home address and phone number simply to make sure that we can get invitations sent out for the awards luncheon as well as final awards and certificates for those who are unable to attend. Being so close to the end of the school year, we would like the option to send awards directly to the student. We will NOT use your address for anything other than official business!
Please be sure to read the official rules on the rules pages, and for any other questions you can email me at:

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