Welcome to the Nell Propst Historical Essay Contest Home page. Our goal is to stimulate an interest in the local history of Northeastern Colorado by sponsoring two contests: one for essays, and a second for a cover design for a book of essays. These contests offer a chance to not only to compete for the available 5 scholarships, but to win an additional award of to be used by your school. The first place essay will receive a $3000.00 Scholarship, second place will receive $2000.00 and the third place essay will receive $1000.00. The Art Cover Design winner will be awarded a $1500.00 scholarship and second place will win $500.00. There are two separate but similar rules and two separate judging teams, one for essays and one for cover design.
In addition, all final entries will be published in a book awarded to each of the final entrantants as well as each school library.

If students are interested in utilizing the Overland Trail Museum in Sterling for research, please contact Kay Rich at (970) 522-3895 to schedule a visit. Kay is willing to help students get as much information for their submissions as possible. Students can also gain access to the museum in order to do research free of charge! Please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

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